Catering Terms

Caterers are welcome to use our facility and supplies at no charge as long as they follow our policies. As the client, you are ultimately responsible for your caterer’s actions.

Please download this document and provide it to your cater for their agreement.

Caterers are required to provide Spinning Leaf with an up to date (as of the day they will be serving your guests) a copy of their Certificate of Liability Insurance naming Spinning Leaf as “additionally insured”. Please ask them to email a copy to

  • All alcohol must be provided by Spinning Leaf and served by Spinning Leaf staff.

  • We observe NC state laws regarding alcohol service:

    • No person under the age of 21 shall be served or provided alcohol. We reserve the right to verify the age of anyone requesting alcohol.

    • Any person who appears intoxicated will be refused service and may not be provided alcohol by our staff or anyone at your event.

    • We only serve 1 drink at a time to each guest.

    • The rules are the responsibility of you, the event organizer. If they violate any of our policies, you will be held responsible and may incur a financial penalty per the terms of our contract. Repeated violations will result in the event being shut down.

Alcohol Policy


Event Insurance: You are not required to provide event insurance. If you would like to buy it, we recommend Wedsafe.


You have a lot of freedom with your event decorations and it is our goal to be as helpful as possible in making it look beautiful. We do have a few important policies to keep in mind.

  • Sparklers must be smoke-free and can only be used outside over concrete or gravel surfaces and not near any vegetation or the vineyard.

  • Candles can be used inside as long as they are in a non-flammable container that is taller than the flame height such as a glass hurricane or ceramic votive.

  • No thumbtack, nails, screws or any other piercing fastener may be used to hang items inside or outside without express written permission from the Event Manager.

  • No adhesives (including tape or Command Strips) may be used without express written permission from the Event Manager.