Need a special place for your next fundraiser?


All of us at Spinning Leaf are actively engaged in non-profit work in our community and we understand on a deep level that it takes so much to keep important work going. One of our passions for Spinning Leaf is that we would be a venue that non-profits feel connected to and are able use to raise more money.


We get it...

Your work in the world requires building a tribe of loyal supporters.

We will give you a stunning setting to help you say “Thank you” and “Will you dig deep and help us” in a way that they feel that they are respected and honored.


Non-profits raise more here…

In our first year, several large non-profits reported that their giving went up substantially when they made the move to host their fundraiser at Spinning Leaf.

The quality of the venue often has a direct affect on how eager donors are to give because they equate the venue quality with the quality of how you handle their funds to accomplish your mission.

Let us help you raise more.


It’s so easy…

You will have a dedicated Event Manager and Venue Planner to help you and your team create the most powerful event possible at one of our venues.

We provide Setup and Takedown service for all our tables, chairs, and linens so you can focus on connecting with your guests instead of lugging heavy tables around.


FAQ: Do you offer discounts for non-profits?

Answer: We try to always offer something in the form of a discount or an additional valuable service to help non-profits out. If you want to host your event at one of our properties, please fill out the form below and our team will consider your mission and needs and see what we can do to help.

Please understand that we receive a VERY LARGE number of requests to donate events and we can’t always do it due to availability or for other business reasons.


Send us the form below and our team will consider how we can best serve your organization. You should expect an email or phone call within about 7 business days.